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We are on hiatus until mid summer 2021. Please join our mailing list for updates.

Anyone knows that our bodies have the natural capacity to physically heal if we can create the circumstances or container to support our healing. Maybe we break a bone. Then we see a doctor, get a cast, and take care of ourselves i.e. our healing container, and our bodies do the rest to heal.

Our minds have the same capacity. Our container is mindfulness: the practice of balancing awareness of the truth of our present experience with equanimity and acceptance of that experience. By the practice of mindfully being with our experience, we can allow our minds... meaning our thoughts, our feelings, and our experience of our physical bodies... to process, heal and let go of damage, harm and unease, while cultivating resiliency, acceptance and compassion. We create a container via our practice, and our minds do the rest.

Of course, different physical injuries require different interventions. And our minds are no different i.e. mindfulness alone is not enough in many situations. But because we are a culture of constant doing, producing and achieving, just being... or what may seem like 'doing nothing' is not widely valued, and thus mindfulness practice is underutilized resource.

Now that we all face an unprecedented time of uncertainty, anxiety, distress, with many of us isolated, and some of us facing the very real new threat of serious illness or even death, mindfulness coupled with inter-personal connection: the practice of fostering our interdependence, relational connection and humanness, may be just right for us. Maybe we are called to curiously explore or deepen our existing connection or even lead in a Group Sourced Mindfulness & Connection context. Regardless of whether or not we choose to participate, may we be free any distress that arises in these difficult times. May we live with ease and happiness. Now. And in the future.


Group Sourced Mindfulness & Connection (GSMC) is a brand new model as of March 20, 2020. Traditional mindfulness models revolve around a primary knowledge holder or teacher disseminating knowledge to students. While the traditional model is ideal for some, the alternative GSMC model may be better suited to others. The content and program of GSMC group meetings and retreats are sourced from members. The intelligence and resource of the collective group has the potential to be more impactful and provide more variable opportunities to learn, lead and grow. Groups are seeded by one or more folks, often with previous mindfulness experience, but this is not a requirement, as mindfulness instruction easy to learn from ubiquitous sources. Groups distribute and alternate leadership roles, no one is required to lead, and no experience is necessary.

Each meeting or retreat contains periods of:

MINDFULNESS: the practice of balancing awareness of the truth of our present experience with equanimity and acceptance of that experience

  • Breath Awareness & Equanimity Practice: Bringing mindful attention to our natural breath.
  • Somatic Awareness & Equanimity Practice: Bringing mindful attention to the natural experience of our physical bodies.
  • Compassion & Kindness Generation Practice: Cultivating internal intention of kindness and compassion towards yourself and others.
  • Other Mindfulness Practices: Determined by the group.

INTER-PERSONAL CONNECTION: the practice of fostering our interdependence, relational connection and humanness

  • There will be opportunities to learn, process and grieve, as well as to support, laugh and celebrate and to connect in our humanness. There are many, many ways this can happen, and the group facilitators, the group as a whole, and the sharing of knowledge between groups, will greatly influence individual meetings/retreats, giving an opportunity for a wide array of practices.




We are on hiatus until mid summer 2021. Please join our mailing list for updates.
  • Please start to login at the start time.
  • Practice begins 5 minutes after start time.
  • Meeting is locked at 10 minutes after start time.
  • Silent mindfulness sitting practice for about 40 minutes.
  • Interpersonal connection-related practices for about 60 minutes.
  • Final sitting practice and closing for about 15 minutes.
  • Meetings will run about 2 hours.
  • Drop in to any meeting.
  • Coming for the first practice only and then leaving is welcome.

We've been meeting since March 21, 2020. Additional closed committed practice group forming in the fall. Come to a group to find out more details.



During meetings we will practice mindfulness: awareness of our breath and bodies and connect inter-personally through talking. Meetings are:

  • Free and open to all.
  • No experience necessary.
  • Invite whomever you'd like.
  • Like physical exercise, meeting content is universal, non-religious and compatible with and not in contrast to nearly all belief systems and religious views.


  1. During our meeting or retreat time, we agree to refrain from being intoxicated, lying, killing, stealing and sexual activity.
  2. During our inter-personal connection time, we agree to bring awareness to our projections and transferences, and whether what we feel we have to say is for the group, an individual in the group or just for ourselves. We also agree to not offer feedback or advice to others unless requested or we ask permission.
  3. We agree not to record meetings or retreats. And after our meetings or retreats, we agree to honor confidentiality by not sharing identifying details with anyone not present at that meeting or retreat.



This idea is being seeded without references to individual people in an attempt to cultivate the group sourced mindset. Eventually info about group leadership may be available.

[email protected]


More resources and content will emerge soon. For now, send an email above.


In addition to the Participant Guidelines, groups who use the GSMC name agree to the following:

  • Most of our meeting time is spent practicing mindfulness and inter-personal connection per above.
  • All meetings are free. No members are paid. And any expenses are covered via a pay-it-forward model.
  • Participation is open to all, regardless of any power or privilege. Some meetings may be closed due to capacity, or group desire for a closed container. And some retreats may only be suitable for those with more experience.
  • Leadership remains at the group level. While some degree of the traditional model may be necessary to seed a new group, we agree to practice distributing leadership.
  • Group practices shall be non-religious and universal to ensure that participation is open to all. All religious/spiritual and non-religious/spiritual differences among individual group members are welcome.
  • Common group-dynamic life-cycles, like the spiraling from formation into conflict and then into greater connection, shall be normalized, and group leadership shall learn, cultivate and explore best practices.
  • Members who want to add or remove practices or guidelines that dilute the intent of GSMC are encouraged to start their own groups configured to their liking, but simply use a different name.